Will millennials spur a non-QM boom?

Could the time be right for a non-QM boom? One expert thinks 2018 could be the year.

In “Will millennials spur a non-QM boom?" published on Feb. 27 on MPAMag.com, Ray Brousseau, President of Carrington Mortgage Services, is quoted on a subject you're going to be hearing a lot more about here at Carrington: non-QM loans. We have the experience and expertise to do non-QM right, and as we move more of our business into the non-QM loan space, these products represent a natural step in our ongoing commitment to serving underserved borrowers.

“We've been working the underserved strategy, and we think we've got it down really well now," said Ray. “This is not new to us at all – so (moving into non-QM) is a normal evolution."

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