Mortgage Servicing Professionals Meet With HUD for Policy Discussion

Carrington’s Wes Iseley quoted in DS News and MReport

On April 25 in DS News, the article “Mortgage Servicing Professionals Meet With HUD for Policy Discussion” featured Wes Iseley, Senior Managing Director for Carrington Mortgage Holdings, and Chair of the NMSA. Capping off a week of meetings between mortgage servicing professionals and related government agencies in Washington, D.C., on Thursday, representatives from the National Mortgage Servicing Association’s (NMSA) Joint Federal Agency Task Force met with HUD to discuss the pressing issues facing the mortgage servicing sector, including matters related to the servicing of FHA loans.

“NMSA members had a productive meeting with Brian Montgomery, Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for Housing and Commissioner of the Federal Housing Administration, and his staff, to discuss recommendations to benefit FHA’s Mutual Mortgage Insurance Fund, the industry and homeowners,” said Wes to DS News.

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